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CBCA Honour Book

The Gigantic Book of Genes was named an Honour Book in the Children’s Book of the Year awards and I am over the moon. I’m particularly delighted that the three books given awards in the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books were science-based. I’m as big a history buff as anyone, but I love that science books got the guernseys this year. We are leaving our children and grandchildren a terrible legacy. They are basically going to have to save the planet. We’re going to need engaged, passionate scientists and that starts early.

The judges’ report said: “The information documented is just enough to interest young readers and not overwhelm them; at the same time the book is an excellent pre-reader for older readers embarking on more detailed studies in the topic . . . Any young science enthusiast will enjoy the easy reading of this book as will anyone interested in learning about why they have Uncle Larry’s crooked nose. With the spotlight currently on STEM education, authorities would do well to take note of this kind of learning resource which is at the vanguard of new approaches to general reference publishing.”

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