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Wonderland is a beautiful, hard-cover book produced by Thames & Hudson Australia for ACMI’s exhibition of the same name. The exhibition uses the screen history of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to explore the evolution of special effects in the world of cinema. The book is both a physical record of the exhibition and a fascinating collection of essays and creative responses to the themes explored in the exhibition. It features pieces from film critics and historians, author and playwright Joanna Murray-Smith, and renowned artists including costumer designer Colleen Atwood, filmmaker Jan Švankmajer and special effects genius Douglas Trumbull.

Wonderland was compiled and edited by Emma McRae and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas of Senses of Cinema. My role was to copyedit the text to ensure the words were as carefully considered and placed as every item in this extraordinary exhibition. Beautifully designed by Daniel New, the book is a fitting memento and a gorgeous piece of work in its own right.

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