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The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research is the Australian Government’s specialist agricultural research for development agency within the Australian aid program. Partners is ACIAR’s flagship publication – published four times a year. It is distributed to both national and international stakeholders, who represent a broad range of organisations, including overseas governments, the international development community, academia and our commissioned research partners.

I am responsible for copyediting and proofreading each issue of Partners. I’ve learned why “sweetpotato” is one word, what biofortification is and why it is vital for feeding the world’s growing population, and what it takes to get mangoes successfully to market. It’s fascinating to read about how Australian scientists and researchers are working in collaboration with global partners to improve agricultural practices.

“Ms Hendry’s commitment to excellence has helped maintain our magazine’s status as an authoritative publication that tells the stories of our research for development projects and the many issues facing developing countries in the Indo-Pacific region where ACIAR works.”

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