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The Giant Book of Germs


I feel as if I’m a bit late to the microbe party with the release of The Giant Book of Germs (a big shout out here to the brilliant creators of The Invisible War and Do Not Lick This Book) but I had great fun researching and writing this book. For the purists, please chill. Very early in the book, I talk about ‘germ’ being a silly word to use for microbes, and I never use it again.

But you can do a quiz on what household object has the most microbes on it. (Hint: It’s not the toilet.) I also manage to get a word in about the power and importance of immunisations as well as a very, very messy experiment that involves glitter (#sorrynot sorry). Plus a mention of faecal microbiota transplant. And yes, that is exactly what you think it is.

The Giant Book of Germs was named an Notable Book in the 2019 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards, in the Eve Pownall Information Books category.

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